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Thread: is anyone here from furaffinity?

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    Default is anyone here from furaffinity?

    ive been wanting to join furaffinity for a while. but for some reason i cant register. does anyone know when new people will be able to make an account? Thanks to anyone who answers my question

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    the page is out or i would ask for you. the entire site is down.if you wait until its back up i can try to get you answer

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    darn. well thanks for telling me. i hope they load it back up soon, i want to join sometime.

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    Well as far as I know, its been disabled since like May X.X I too been waiting to make an account...*Continues spamming F5 on the account registration page* Who knows when it will be back up x.x

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    I've been trying to put an account together as well and if you recall when years ago now the commission information page on everyone's FA didn't work, they still are trying to fix that! I don't know the priority levels but they've not been clear at all when the registration would come back up and it's rather silly that hasn't been fixed yet. Of course I don't know exactly what the problem is but indeed it has been down for months and I wasn't even aware of it until I did try to get an account.

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    Same here I have been trying to join since AC and it keeps saying "New account registration has been temporarily suspended."

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    I heared it was because of a too much of members. They needed more bandwidth. So just wait for that mkay

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    from furaffinity and on the furaffinity fourms

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    thats what I don't like about FA that much you can barely ever register, though I was lucky and got it before they closed again.

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    i didnt know this became such a huge topic. Well thank you everyone for telling me. i didnt know it was down for that long. hopefully ill be able to log in soon. If you all could do me a favor and tell when it opens up that would be awesome.

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