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    So a few weeks ago I began chatting with somebody I met on another ABDL site about my ABDL status. And as we chatted more and more I began to no longer feel intimidated by him and decided it was a good time to meet in person. So this past weekend we met and went out for coffee. And found out he only lives 15 mins away from me and is kinda cute . Now I have met a few other DL's in the past and they all went the same way. We met went out for food, coffee etc... then went home never to meet in person again. So surprise to me this person sends me an e-mail today saying, hey I had a good time this weekend, lets hang out again. So at this point I am thrilled!

    During our first meeting we talked a little bit about playing. And well I admitted to him I have never played with another ABDL before. At which point he told me hes played with a few in the past but he sees himself as more of a Bigbro type and a DL, then an Aby. We never really got into what play was though. Just more about the scene and how its hard trying to find others in our age group.

    So my question for a play virgin... What is play??? lol As I've never had the opportunity to play with another before. Granted I will ask him as well what the boundary/lines are. But I figure I could ask this community as well.

    To me it seems like it would include diapering and some cuddling and possibly a movie either home or at the theater... But other then that I really don't know.

    Thanks for any input you may have for me.


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    I would suspect it would be the normal type of playing little kids engage in :3
    Being diapered, playing with toys or watching cartoons or just being babyish, you know? x3

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    "Play" varies from person to person. Play could mean hanging out in diapers OR it could be mean sexual foreplay. You'd have to ask him.

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    Congrats on meeting a possible nice new friend! As for "play", I'm not sure that there is a special meaning of the word in ABDL land, but Paw is right. The general meaning of play can be different according to different people, and this holds true in all aspects of life, not just ABDL. I wouldn't assume anything until you ask him, since that can lead to awkwardness.

    That being said, I'm inclined to think that he just means play like little kids, especially since you just recently met. Like the play dates some of us used to have way back when. Although he said he's more of a big brother type, so maybe he would take that role rather than playing like an equal. In that case, you'd have to get into what that would entail.

    But I like to assume the more innocent things in general. Just remember that, before you agree to anything, you need to have things clarified.

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    For my fiancee and I, play is more or less one of us being babyish and the other being the caretaker while we watch cartoons or movies or play games. If he comes over to my place we'll use the pacis and bottles too. It's all pretty innocent, even in a 4-year-old relationship, so I don't know if few-week old one would take it much further.

    Then again, everyone is different, so maybe play for him means something completely different. Just ask him before hand, or establish some ground rules before having a play date. Communication is key

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