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    Talking Let me Introduce myself

    Well as with most sites I join it seems that I need to post some kind of introduction. So here it is for you all to enjoy. First let me start off by saying yes I use similar user names on other websites. So if you think you have heard of me before... well you probably have. So something about myself.

    I'm 24 year old gay male and live in Portland, Oregon. I consider myself an AT (adult toddler) as I like may aspects of both the ABDL community. But also like to be a big kid at the same time... Hope that makes since. I have been interested in diapers since the age of 10 or 12... can't remember exactly how long but lets just say its always been part of me. Granted I have gone through the common Binge/purge cycles everybody seems to go through but, thats fairly common.

    Currently I share a place with my roommate who, while is not thrilled about me being an ABDL he accepts it and just finds its strange. While I won't and do not wear around him we give each other our space. However, I have gotten him to wear diapers twice. So he has tried it, just dose not find any intrest. I also work full time and am hoping to get back into school here this year in order to finish out my degree. Then find a better job then what I am doing at this time.

    Something really cool I would like to share with everybody is just last weekend I had the opportunity to go on a coffee date with another DL big bro type. And things went well and I think we hit it off pretty good to. So we are hoping to have another date/get together here soon to get to know each other better. So crosses fingers there.

    Honestly, I really hate filling out these self introductions so if you have any questions just ask as I will try to answer them as honestly and up front as possible.

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    The AT thing makes sense, but we consider it *B because we are lazy.

    Good that your roommate accepts you. I hate non-understanding friends.

    Great! If you like him and he likes you, for me, don't get into an argument about coffee.

    No questions.

    Btw, like how I replied to each paragraph?

    You know me already! Don't ask where, because if you do... I consider it lolworthy.

    Btw, yes I don't type long replies, I'm lazy!

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