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Thread: Diaper Pail Stealth

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    Default Diaper Pail Stealth

    So I've been going strong with diapers 24/7 for alil over a week now(how about this heat? XD). The only problem I'm having is concealing the smell.

    I've been home for the summer and my only way of gettin rid of diapers is keeping them plastic bag'd in my room til I can toss em' out at night. I go through 3-4 a day and it always leaves a smell in my room.

    I'm interested in getting a diaper pail for my room but, I've no experience with one before. Do they the conceal the smell well enough? And is the pail itself easy to hide(I plan on keeping one in my closet). Also, are there any recommendations for a particular diaper pail?

    I'd honestly just love the idea of not worrying about how to hide the next diaper. Just toss it out and worry later

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    Try getting Febreeze wall plug ins or spritzers that work on a timer. Also, get a spray bottle of Febreeze for when you can notice the smell. Not sure on diaper pails, but those should help deal with the smell.

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    I have 2 that I got from all together diaper Company ,i use one for cloth and one for disposables and i do put a room freshener near them. I don't think they are to noticed

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    Oh, if only it were that easy. I have a really claustrophobic inducing bedroom w/ only 2 electrical outlets(in use with AC and TV), idk how well the plug ins would work on a power strip . I always have a spray bottle of Febreeze in my room(diapers or not), but I've assumed it not smart to use often in such a small room.

    I really just want to eliminate those midnight runs to the dumpster with a big smelly garbage bag through my house, especially with there always being someone awake til 4am/24hrs in my house.

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    I have this pail,
    Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail - Safety 1st - Babies "R" Us
    In the winter smell is not an issue but now even with the AC running after a few days it needs emptying even if their only #1 diapers. I line it with two plastic bags and pull them out twist them up and toss it in the trash.

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    A diaper genie is compact and easy to hide and does a good job of disguising the smell but I would recommend a normal flip top can and keep a deodorizer in it. If the can is discovered you have deniability (as long as there are no diapers in it and you keep some crumpled up paper on top so it looks like normal trash in it so of opened quickly it may pass a cursory test). If someone sees a normal can they will think nothing of it but if they see a diaper pail they will be more suspicious.

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    well since you want to keep it discrete a diaper gene is probably not the way to go, if you didn't a diaper gene or a dekor xl system are good choices but a bit expensive, i use the larger dekor system when at the dorms and it works quite well although it was a big investment it does work well. for the time being get a regular garbage can and some small colored scented bags for each diaper just put some random papers or garbage on top of the diapers if anyone looks and use baking soda to help remove the smell. good luck and remember to get rid of the dirty ones as soon as you can to reduce the smell.

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    I've heard putting some baking soda in your bag (if you can't get some sort of genie contraption which I think is probably the best idea for non-cloth) would do a good job. (think how you would handle a sticky refrigerator) This is kind of the reason I can't use my cloth supplies is that I don't know really the best way to hide it plus using the laundry room without detection. But I think if you get a good place to hide and change it regularly/take some precautions we mentioned here already that it should go a long ways to preventing the smell from being a serious problem. What I don't know is if someone's got a good sniffer if they'll smell it anyways :S.

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    Interesting ideas about odor control!
    For me, I suppose I've got it too easy on several levels.
    For one, I live alone, and rarely entertain guests in my home.
    Two, I have cats (2).
    I buy a brand of kitty litter (clumping), that comes in a hard plastic bucket, with a snap-on lid. After many years, I've gotten quite a collection, and no longer save them. But I have enough that I can not only hold the kitty waste till I make a trip to the county refuse yard, but mine-own soiled stuffs. With the tight lid(s), there is no odor, really. Certainly nothing that a quick shot of air freshener won't take care of. And hell, at the dump, ain't nobody going to smell 'em! (added suggestion: I double wrap the diapers in two plastic store baggies, so as I'm tossing them into the container, there is no noticable difference from the rest of my refuse).
    When I get back home, I rinse the containers with the garden hose, and then hit 'em with a shot of Lysol. After sitting in the sun for an hour or so, they're sterilized, and ready to come back into the house (closet).

    Hope this helps someone.


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