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Thread: Music that gets you motivated!

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    Default Music that gets you motivated!

    You know the songs.

    The ones that when you listen to them, they make you wanna run around, or punch something :P Songs that get you motivated to do something.

    because i ride up and down hills to school everyday, a good motivational song can get me to ride up some pretty tough hills!

    I often find that songs like this have some sort of epic build up, and then a constant beat or tune.

    What are some songs that get you going?

    Some of mine definitely are

    Self vs Self - Pendulum (Feat Inflames)
    Romance is Dead - Parkway Drive
    Irresponsible hate Anthem - Marilyn Manson
    'Till i Collapse - Eminem
    Hearts Burst into Fire- Bullet For My Valentine

    Those are always good!


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    Strapping Young Lad - City (Yes, the whole album.)

    When Devin Townsend shouts out, "No one! No one! No one! NO ONE FUCKS WITH ME!" - that's classic.

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    Well if im getting ready for a night out, and i need to get pumped up, i through on pendulum... gets me fired up and dancin'!

    On my way to work in the mornings, i like to turn karnivool up really loud and just rock out! Gets me fired up for a day at work!

    Way home from work, i throw on a Ministry of sound album or something of the like (maybe some hardcore techno, or some house...) If ive had a big, boring day at work, i like to listen to classic piano (Yes, i am weird).

    Fav Songs
    Pendulum - Watercolour or Salt in the wounds off the new album
    Prodigy - Firestarter
    Karnivool - Set fire to the hives
    Techno - Anything that takes my fancy at the time
    House - Pretty much anything by Armin Van Helden or Tiesto

    Good Post Snaps

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    Snaps, I have a playlist I use for when I was cycling to college last year, or when I'm running, but it's a very embarassing playlist I'm not sure I want to share!

    Also: I've misplaced my iPod in the move, and the songs aren't on my computer, but once we've unpacked properly I'll pick out some of the less embarassing ones to share!

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    Dun Worry Talula. Im a Metalhead... and on my Playlist i have...Lady Gaga. What's Worse is taht if i have the house to my self... i dance around listening to her :P

    I used to have Fergie's London Bridge too! :P

    Another one of my Favourites is Freestyler by BomFunk MC'S

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    Some of the songs that get me motivated is:
    'Till I collaspe' by Eminem
    'Drop the world' by Eminem
    'No leaf clover' by Metallica
    'No sleeep till brooklyn'
    'This ain't a scene' by Fall out boy
    and '20 dollar nose bleed' by Fall out Boy

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    I have a lot of songs that get me motivated; I usually listen to them when I exercise. Some of them are:

    Europe - The Final Countdown
    Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
    Boston - More Than a Feeling
    Saga - Scratching the Surface
    FM - Phasors on Stun
    Iron Maiden - Aces High
    Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down
    Loverboy - Working for the Weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihlus View Post
    Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down
    Oh I love that song! I'm going to listen to it RIGHT NOW!

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    Scorpions-Rock you like a Hurricane
    Guns N Roses-Paradise City
    Ozzy Osbourne-I Don't Wanna Stop
    Motley Crue-Kickstart My Heart
    AC/DC-Whole Lotta Rosie

    Really anything with a fast beat will do but prefer Rock and Metal.

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