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Thread: Really anoyed with myself, missed a chance

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    Default Really anoyed with myself, missed a chance

    Well, as yet I havnt plucled up the courage to buy some nappies/diapers, so i decided that Id take one of my brothers (he's a toddler) , i know it wouldn't fit or anything, but just to get the feel of it, you know. So, after weeks I finally plucked up the courage to do this, and then...found out he'd stopped wearing them that week and the supplies had run out! great! So, really annoyed with myself at a missed untill I decide I'm ready to buy some ive just go to wait. Sorry, just a moan.

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    It was a loss, but now, you won't get caught with that, and will experience adults and their superior epicness.

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    It's sad that so many struggle with buying diapers..

    I wish you'd get the courage to do it, it really isn't that bad. The cashiers really don't care.. in my experience they hardly even pay attention to what your buying at all. Just think about how good you'll feel after you do it! Trust me, it is totally worth it!

    So, as Rob Schneider says: "You can do it!"

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    To bad that it didnt work out, hopefully you have another chance soon. I must agree though, cashiers dont care.

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    Well i think you should go and buy diapers instead, tried taking from my brother as you did and trust me, its nothing like the real thing, also if you live close to a store that sells diapers just stuff in a closed bag or something.

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    Yeah, sorry to hear about that, but don't get caught up in beating your self up over it. Whats done is done, so the best thing you can do in simply move on. Hey this gives you more excuse to go out and buy diapers. Plus now you can get ones that will actually fit you right. I'm 17 now and i've been real thin my whole life and still only have a 30" waist at 5'8", but I haven't been able to fit into tape on (non-pullup) baby/toddler diapers since I was 14-15 so I doubt you would have really been able to fit into your brothers diapers anyway. LIke everybody else has said, its really not a big deal and cashiers don't really care what your buying, they're only worried about getting people through as fast and friendly as possible. I still remember my first time buying, I was scared as hell too, but I did it and you can too. For your first time I would recomend something like goodnights or if your a little more on the big side, then you might wanna actually try adult diapers.

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    I know how you feel right now. Stupid, angry, frustrated, and wishing you could go back in time and alert yourself.

    A few weeks ago, this hot girl I know that I'm pretty sure likes me (I hope) asked me if I was going to the dance Friday. I was like "what? Since when was there a dance?" and she was like "yeah it will be awesome! Think you might be going?" and I was like "nope..." STUPID!!! I didnt realize she was asking me out till the next day...

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    Wow, that sucks! No offense, but I can't see how you didn't notice your brother was finishing potty training though. Still, don't worry, you'll get another chance to wear diapers... eventually anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    Wow, that sucks! No offense, but I can't see how you didn't notice your brother was finishing potty training though. Still, don't worry, you'll get another chance to wear diapers... eventually anyway.
    Lol, yer. He had finished using them for a while, but was wearing them at night, and then step mum was like, 'we've run out so this is the week'.

    Thanks everyone for your day hopefully it will happen
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    It will happen. Even if it takes a while. Worst case scenario.... it won't be until years from now after you've moved out... but it will still happen eventually.

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