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Thread: PSP games.

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    Default PSP games.

    I bought a PSP 3000 today and two games to start myself off, RocoLoco and Manhunt 2 (one is singing happy blobs, the other a survival horror lol.)
    I don't know much about the PSP library though, being more of a Nintendo girl. Eg, I knew to buy Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros for DS, Zelda etc but I have no idea what the "good" Playstation games are.

    Any recommendations?
    My favourite genre is survival horror, though I would like some games of OTHER genres that I can play in bed without scaring myself to death.

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    Silent Hill: Homecoming, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 are also available on the PSN network. :3

    I think RocoLoco had a sequel too.

    God of War was kinda good.

    Ehh, Obscure: The Aftermath. It's kind of iffy; however, I thought it was fun. xD

    Here's a short review:

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    OK, I think I've changed my mind about the survival horror genre. I got through Manhunt 2 no problems, but today I went out and bought Silent Hill: Origins. I barely got 10 minutes in before I had to shut it off because I was so scared! lol
    Maybe I should stick to Spongebob games.

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    If you have any kind of rhythm (or even if you don't) Patapon is really fun, and since the threequel is being announced, you can pick the first one up cheaply. As previously suggested, God of War: Chains of Olympus is a fun hack-and-slash, although it won't last too long if you game hard. If you have the patience for turn-based strategy RPGs, then you could do a lot worse than buyging Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions; the artwork is beautiful, and it's hard enough that you won't breeze through it.

    I believe Persona 3 is coming out as well, which is a really decent JRPG and although it's not intended as a horror game, there are definitely horror themes. Also, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has been out for a while, and it rawks if you're into bishies with big swords (I may edit that >.>; ). If you're in any way interested in beat-em-ups, pick up Tekken: Dark Resurrection, it's a port of Tekken 5 with extra modes and characters, and I've seen it around Gamestations and GAME for ~5 brand new.

    *cough* Whoops >.> Anyways, whatever you decide to play, have fun with your PSP =3

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