Our email system was replaced today.

  1. We started sending email out directly through ADISC.org, rather than using our ISP's gateway.
  2. We added SPF, DKIM, and several other cool pieces of email technology.
  3. We've been reaching out to ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc), and making sure our emails comply with their guidelines.

So, what's the impact to you, our members?

  1. Hopefully, our email will be much more likely to reach you now that we've done all the above.
  2. That said, the system isn't perfect. So, sometimes, emails from ADISC may still appear in your bulk, spam, or trash folder.
  3. You should add moo at adisc dot org to your email address book, and if an ADISC email lands in your bulk/spam folder, use the 'not spam' button.
  4. These two actions help ensure that we can deliver the mail that you, and our other members, request.
  5. If you ever change your mind and want to stop getting certain email from ADISC, simply change your settings here, and you will cease getting it. For example, the vast majority of ADISC's email is made up of "You have a new PM" notifications, which you can easily turn off again using that page.