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Thread: Adult/Teen Sized AIO cloth diapers in UK?

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    Default Adult/Teen Sized AIO cloth diapers in UK?

    Hi guys,

    I am new to the forums, so please tell me if im posting in the right place or not.

    Basically I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy AIO cloth diapers in the UK online. I have had no luck finding any sites and if I have they are US sites which ship to the UK with expensive shipping costs.

    If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


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    If it's any help the best all in one cloth nappies I've found are these - Babykins: KINS Adult Pull-On All-In-One Diaper

    They're work really well, very absorbent and I've had no leaks at all, they fit really well and the outer cover makes very pleasant rustling and crinkling sounds as you move.

    The site's across the pond, but I seem to recall the postage was very reasonable last time I ordered.

    Hope this helps

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