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    Hi I'm a babyfur. My furrsona is a two year old, half demon, arctic wolf pup. My furrsona's name is "Jon W. McWolf"(I know it's ironic). In real life I'm a twenty-one year old unemployed male who wants to become an automobile mechanic / custom car designer and builder, but I don't have a drivers license. I have ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and I Have tried to commit suicide many times. My father used to phyically abuse me when I was younger while my mother just stood there and watched. When I say my life was/is F***ed up, I'm putting it mildly. I guess the reason I like acting like a little kid is because I can't handle all the shit I've Had/have to deal with. the reason I'm a furry is I because ever since I was little (long before I knew there were furries) I tend to growl at people and sometimes try to bite people when I'm angry without even knowing I'm doing it. All my doctor's say I need to grow up and I tell them . Anyway thats me in a nutshell.... later

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    Well ..... welcome to the site. I'm sorry to hear that life has been hard on you. No one deserves that. I hope you will enjoy the site, and that we will all be helpful to you. Many topics are discussed on this site, so enjoy.

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