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    Default Newbie here!

    Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm rcjusticegirl. I found this site while trying to do some research on DL's since my boyfriend just told me that he enjoys this once in a while. I want to understand this and see what my role might play in this. I am pretty open-minded and he is a great man and we love each other dearly.

    I hope this is a good site to maybe talk to some DL's and supporters to understand something that may be just misunderstood.


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    Welcome to ADISC rcjusticegirl!

    It's always good to hear of a someone being supportive of their partner in the AB/DL world. There are others here aswell, who came for the very same reasons... and i'm sure they may well be along before too long!

    ADISC has a very good wiki, with lots of information that may be of use to you - ADISC Wiki

    If you have any questions, that you can't answers too, feel free to ask and people will try to help answer them.

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