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    Hiya everybody. Well, I'll first start off with saying, I'm not really all that new to this scene. My family already knows about me and my fetish, they found out when I was in HS, and I wasn't the best at hiding personal belongings, and my dogs were really good at finding my stuff, and tearing them up throughout the house... lol

    My father was the first to find out, it was due the fact that he and I were attempting the repair my PC after I had gotten a nasty bug, (i was good with computers then, but am even better now), and he went into my internet history, it was so he could see which site was the cause of the virus, he did find the website, but he also found a few other interesting things, he found all the sites I had visited, all the saved links I had, and all of my order tracking/histories, needless to say, he was a bit PO'd. However, after a 6 hr drive, total, to and from my uncle's house, we had discussed further into it, and in the end, we came to an agreement, which was, 'we wouldn't say anything to my mom (she was dealing with other problems at the time), I was to make sure that my stuff was put away so the dogs could not get at it, I was to keep everything sanitary (keep room neat and clean, don't toss used diapers under the bed, I never did, but yea), and I was to not make it obvious when I was using them (he didn't want to know, and I understood completely...), and that was our agreement.

    A few months later my mom found out about it because she opened one of my packages that I had ordered, before I got home, she was upset at the time, but then my dad explained to her that it had nothing to do with children, and he and I sat down with her and explained everything, after about a week, she came to conclusion that she couldn't change my feelings about it. To this day, we still keep to ourselves, and we keep off the subject.

    I am a sophomore in college, and I am studying computer technology and engineering.

    I am very open about my thoughts and opinions. I am also a good person to talk to, for I am an excellent listener. I am purely a straight male, with a positive attitude. I don't have much of a tolerance for BS and drama, but if you're having issues in life and need someone to comfort you and cheer you up, then just talk with me.

    Would love to talk more with others, and honestly, I don't care if you're under the age of 18, we all have atleast one interest in common, and I am more than willing to give help and advice for talking with parents/guardians. I can't always guarantee it will work in your favor, but as everyone says, 'YOU' know your parents better than any of us, so with the information you provide us with, we attempt to provide you with advice based on your information. Whether you choose to share it with your parents/guardians is up to you.

    Hope to hear from you all!

    - Fellow

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    Welcome to ADISC. I am glad that you and your family were able to come to an agreement about this. You appear to have a good deal of experience so I hope you can find more friends on ADISC.

    As a fellow engineer going into my sophomore year I am a bit curious about what branch you are going into.

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    Thank you for welcoming me, first off, and second off, I am not going into any branch of the military, at the moment. Yes, it is true that what I am studying is often associated with the military, however, I am currently not in too much of a hurry to go into any branch of the military at the moment. I am planning on joining the military later in life, maybe a decade from now, and even then, I'm still debating if I will join the Army, or the Air Force. But none the less, I am studying Computer T&E specifically because there is a need for them around where I live, and the pay is great, and once I get done with the 4 years of college required for it, I am practically guaranteed an upper management position. Which is really all I am looking at currently.

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    Rofl i wasn't suggesting the military :p. I was thinking more along EE/CPE/ME/BME/CME/IE/CE however I have a couple friends who are in the national guard/marines/airforce/rotc and they say that they enjoy it. I can't say that I myself am particularly interested in the military however I hear about it from time to time.

    It looks like you answered my question anyways though and that you are a CPE. What classes are you taking next semester?

    I know that I am taking

    dif EQ's, chem, ethics, and an EE and ME class

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