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Thread: New furry

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    Default New furry

    Hi, I'm a babyfur but can't find other furs so i'll post my introduction here,
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    hi im cyan and im new to this site too. im also a babyfur and a teenbaby. yeah i dont really find to many people here either but im sure there are some on here. btw since you are furry mind if I ask you animal your fursona is?

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    my fursona's a huskie pup, whats yours?

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    well ive been thinking about making mine a black and white cat. though before i was thinking about a wolf because thats one of my favorite animals, though i figured i would go with a cat just because i think that would fit a babyfur more. anyways its cool to know there is someone on here with the same interests . btw i hear that there are social groups you can join on here. im trying to find one for babyfurs would you mind helping me?

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    sure try this group out: Animals and Furries -

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    cool, ill join. thanks for helping me out .

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    Welcome aah.... well, both of you. *Raises paw to shake* Lot's of Furries in here.
    The groups are a little slow, but the Live Chat is overrun with them.
    Spend a little time in there and I'm sure you will find some friends.

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    Thanks, I'll try out the chat more often *shakes his paw*

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    shakes your paw* thanks for telling me. ive tried out the chat before and it seems okay. its just a little awkward since im new you know. but people tell me after a while ill start to fit in more. thank you for the advice

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    Hey dbboy & cyan, New baby fur here too. Just got back from AC, I wanted to be sure I was a furry first before coming out of the proverbial closet.

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