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Thread: hi everyone

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    Smile hi everyone

    my name is Kurt and im a TB and DL. im new to the whole ab/dl community but i like diapers so i figured id try it out. i also like furries but im not necessarily one, im just a fan of cartoon animals. I like drawing, video games, being with my friends (my favorite thing to do ), some computer things, and pretty much having a good time in general. I dont seem to talk to much at first but once i get to know someone really well, im alot more fun to be around. well i think that covers just about everything. Oh one last thing i want to get a pic for my profile photo, and i was wondering if anyone knows of a program i can use for digital art. Thanks to anyone who can help me out. later everyone

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    really no one is going to post anything? come on!!!

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    FIne! ^_^ I will post for man kind and furry alike! Hehehe. Jk just for the furrys. I am a DL but some other DL can post that welcome. So welcome to ADISC and well POST! Whahahaha!!!! WE have you now! WElcome to the Darkside!

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    Welcome to ADISC I hope that you enjoy your stay here and that you fit into our community.
    I am sorry that I didn't see this thread earlier or I would have

    What kinds of video games / sports do you play?

    I have played a few video games such as Starcraft 1, Warcraft 3 and some of its mods, Halo, and a few other games on PC. I enjoy football(soccer) a lot and I am enjoying watching this years world cup.

    I have to admit that I am not the most artistic person though

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    thanks for posting everyone. i thought i did something wrong at first or something. anyways....

    cascadestar- go furries, and if the darkside is about furries in diapers then count me in. thanks for being the first to post.

    Kwis- thanks and dont worry about it . Ive played halo and my friend is trying to get me to play Warcraft 3, ive heard its really good. other than that ive played alot of action and rpg games. online games can be fun too. I used to play football(american) but because of grades i had to quit, plus with so many honors classes it got too tough to try to make time for everything. Its fine if your not artistic im just looking for a program to help me improve my art. though furry art isnt really the best thing i can draw.

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