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Thread: Free Goodnites. XD

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    When they say allow 4-6 weeks for delivery I think that would put anyone who isn't living alone on edge. This seems like it has massive potential to backfire on you, even if you use a fake name. I would recommend using a fake name (ie. get punked, nice joke, etc...) so that it looks like a friend is playing a game with you instead of you ordering.

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    I looked at it, but the 4-6 weeks is a big no-no. That could really come at any time, and I'm almost positive it's not discreet at all.

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    Ordered my free sample last Thursday..not that I need any more GNS, but hey, they're free!

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    Good luck with the timing on your delivery. I hope we don't see you starting a "busted" thread in a few weeks. xD

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    I just bought some .... but the large size was hard to find in the first place .... and was still in the bike prints wanted the shark prints they looked sexyer

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    I never had a problem finding the large size in all the stores I went to. I actually had a far harder time finding size 6 Babydry or size 7 Cruisers diapers. This was before I realized that they did not quite fit on me. In retrospect I almost wish that I had tried Goodnights earlier, however it was far less embarrassing to pass off my trips as diaper runs than it would have been to get Goodnights.

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