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    Hi all i don't post here very often (like twice a year lol) but I do keep coming back to catch up every few weeks or so and endevour to contribute more often. Bit of background info, i'm a DL and use cuddlz nappies (uk version of bambinos) and i have a girlfriend who knows all about my DL stuff and for the most part lets me do my thing with regards to wearing.
    So basically I have a problem, last wednesday night i wet the bed, i was'nt wearing at the time and since then i have been wearing everynight and have about wet 3-4 times in the night since then. Obviously i'm concerned about this, and so is my girlfriend as we frequently sleep together. She has been really really supportive about the whole thing though, which makes me love her all the more.
    I have read around online and come to the conclusion that this whole thing is stress related. Firstly i have been doing a large amount of overtime (gone from a 12 hour week @ work + 15 hours of uni to 41 hours work + a few hours uni stuff + running my own small computing business). On top of all this i'm organising a holiday for 4 people and i really want a new iphone 4 (no i'm not a fanboy before that starts) but i've had many long conversations with my network and keep being told different things by different people so get worked up about receiving it then get told another three weeks (beginning to remember why I don't post - i ramble and get asked to leave lol). All this together plus the fact that my lovely girlfriend offered to ring the network up for me and try to talk to them and she managed to get a iphone 3GS delivered next day for her (Grrrrrr) has make me a little - on edge shall we say.
    (I'm really sorry for my ramblings )
    Basicly i wondered if anyone else has experienced this, like how long did it last, advice, etc...

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    Advice? See a doctor. It could be stress... or it could have a serious medical problem behind it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeman27 View Post
    I have read around online and come to the conclusion that this whole thing is stress related.
    The internet is not a substitution for a proper medical diagnosis, go see a doctor ASAP. There could be a more serious reason for this.

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    I'm going to go with "See a doctor" as well. I bet it's the #1 response on the big board.

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    I am planning to go to the doctors ASAP but as yet have been unable to get an appointment as yet, i have had a diabeties test and several other blood tests and they were all fine. I know that sounds stupid like i think all medical analysis is based on a few blood tests but I do have regular checkups with the doctor every 12 - 18 months and i never had any cause for concern. The thing i'm most worried about is if it is some kind of injury from lifting at work, is this possible??

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    Get an appointment to see your doctor,if it is stress, try to see a physiologist and talk to him/her about it and get some stress management techniques. I don't believe that lifting could cause stress, although is is possible that you might have caused damage to your body in some way.

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    most likely stress related but you should still see a doc about it, if theres nothing wrong then just wear just in case and for relaxing. good luck at the docs and take a little time off for yourself everyone needs a little break eventually.

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    Well I have an appointment today at 11:30 so i'm hoping i can get this all cleared up.
    will let you know the outcome

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    Well I've been and he did the usual once over and took some samples, I need to wait for the results to be sure but basically he came to the same concision that it was probably stress related. He did have a feel around (most embarrassing thing ever) and fund no evidence of injury. So long as the tests are clear he said to have some R and R and just give it a few months and if it continues after that then go back and he will have a more through check.

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    go to a doctor to see if theirs a medical reason for your wetting and be sure to wear a diaper at night.

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