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Thread: Where is a good place to order online?

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    Default Where is a good place to order online?

    I'm getting my driver's liscense soon. That means I will be able to order online and pick it up at the UPS store. I haven't figured out how to pay without my parents knowing. Would a bank gift card work? I'd also like it if they didn't send any paper mail.

    I was thinking of disposable medical express. Has anyone ordered there?

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    I usually order all of my stuff from north shore care Adult Diapers at NorthShore Care Supply my order is always shipped in a plain brown box with a non related return address on it which is nice when I’m living up at the dorms as I just say its computer parts to anyone that asks. I haven’t tried disposable med express will have to look into it. As for payment most places accept PayPal now you could try that. Good luck

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