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Thread: People you've told

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    Okay, so we all know that there are quite a few of us here that have told someone about their fetish for diapers/*Bness/etc, and how happy you were for the most part and what not. BUT, how many of you have told a friend of yours about your "secrect" and are no longer in contact with/no longer friends with this friend? Also, would you care to elaborate as to why you are no longer friends and how it is effecting the secret you told the friend about? This is becoming partly true for me, for the person that I told about my diapers, her and I are really not friends anymore.

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    I've never told anybody. I think I will be sorry later if I did.

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    Because they are grossed out, but you had confided in them in confidence so they don't want to be mean. So they just walk away slowly.

    Walk away, just walk away, there has been too much information already, just walk away

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    I told my friend who had "seen it all" and he was ok... whatever. He still doesn't care and we don't really ever talk about it.

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    I once told a very good friend of mine about my interest in diapers and our friendship was never really the same after that. It must have changed her opinion of me to a point that she couldn't accept, I suppose. It was always very awkward after that, until eventually we fell out of contact and neither of us made any action to stay in touch. I was never really sure why it was a problem, but I figured it was best for both of us to move on. In the end it was awfully sad and I wish I could go back in time to slap myself before I said anything. I would never spill the beans to a friend again after that experience.

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    I've told a couple of my friends, but they're into kinkier stuff than I am.

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    Just my mate from Texas and a few other friends know. I'm quite secretive, and I don't trust even my own shadow. x3

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    I have told only to one friend who have very kinky fetishes and my friend was like really? oh ok. I'm not going to tell anyone else but I told because I know my friend is very open minded.

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    I've told an old roommate and a really good friend about the AB part of me. Both were really accepting of it, but the subject didn't come up again. We're still really good friends, nothing has changed.

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