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    om so i just found this website when i was looking for pics of wet goodnites. they are my diaper of choice for now, i like the way they hold poo and swell when wet. i like to be outside and work on cars. i want to start like 3 business but need some more money. im only 19 at the time so the money will come later i hope. thanks for reading my post and have a great day.

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    I just pooped my goonites and wet them too. Wnat 2 c?

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    This made me laugh IRL.

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    There literally is only one word to describe this... In the words of the ever great yellow cartoon character... DOH! (

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    I believe you mean the forgot-to-read-the-wiki-section-on-stuff-which-will-remain-unnamed in this page.

    I am a bit blunt...

    Maybe too far...

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    This is why I believe that "natural selection" should be a community accepted "Super-Tiger" which mauls and eats all those who nature needs to take back. Away from us. Christ the human race is heading down hill.

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    ok, I'm going to close this thread. you can make a new one however: make it more about you and not just stuff to do with diapers. Who are you? What do you like to do (non diaper related)? and other interesting things.

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