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Thread: Balancing Personal Life and Diapers

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    Default Balancing Personal Life and Diapers

    How do you balance your personal life/professional career with your proclivity toward diapers?

    As I get older, I become more active. Sadly, my medical condition -- which makes wearing diapers extremely convenient -- gets worse. When I was younger, I was antisocial so I could wear diapers as much as I wanted -- well, around the house, that is. I rarely went out. Now, as a musician, I'm here, there and everywhere. I'm on the road a lot and sometimes, diapers become a necessity but my stature in my hometown and the world at large prohibits me from being too careless about wearing. It's not like I can perform wearing a thick, bulging Abena X-Plus underneath my jeans. I'm always trying to balance my diaper intake with my profession -- and maybe someday I'll arrive at a pleasant compromise.

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    It's hard to balance two different lives when you feel the need to separate them. I've been doing this since I was young, seperating diapers from the rest of my life, and it DOES make things difficult, but in the end, it's about you. Will wearing diapers keep your mind off of a potential accident meaning you can perform your music better? That might be a healthy compromise.

    And not all diapers are as thick as Abenas... Perhaps you can have a specific diaper for performances. Perhaps your clothing can adapt to your diaper. It seem like you do miss them, so cutting them out for ling periods of time will only distract you further.

    Hopefully this was some help. Good luck

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