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Thread: [Pictures] Dry 24/7 Medium vs. Bambino Bianco Medium

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    Default [Pictures] Dry 24/7 Medium vs. Bambino Bianco Medium

    I got my first case of Dry 24/7 before I finished off the last of my Biancos. So here is a picture comparison of the two.

    Thickness: ( the Dry 24/7 is on the left)

    Both stacks were taken from a package and left to stand for 24 hours to decompress.

    And the size comparison from above.

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    I have a Dry 24/7 on now. Have had it on all day and it is still only half wet

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    Does dry 24/7 bulk up like Bambinos or does it slightly bulk like Abena?

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    I can't answer that just yet. I haven't had the chance to try it extensively yet.

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