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Thread: abena Delta Forms; still plastic?

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    Default abena Delta Forms; still plastic?


    I have searched this question but haven't found anything so if it has been posted before then I apologise:

    I'm wondering if anyone has used Abena Delta Form lately and whether they are still plastic-backed? I got some Abena Abri Form XP last month and it was plastic but I'm wondering if the "economy" section i.e. the Delta Forms have been cloth-backed (hope not!). I really hope they haven't gone the same way as the Kendall Supreme Fits

    I like them coz they're cheap, very absorbent, thick, and best of all snug and cozy but I've been on Tena Slip lately but I'm wondering if anyone's tried them lately (the Delta Form) and if they are plastic-backed?



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    All Delta-Form products feature color-coded plastic backheets (blue for medium, green for large)

    Looks like they still are XP Medical - Abena Delta-Form Adult Diapers

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    I odered some Delta forms earlier this year and they were still plastic backed at that time.
    I prefer plastic backed diapers my self.

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    I luv plastic diapees lol - they're great. I love the smell and feel of a plastic diaper, you don't get that with paper/cloth ones

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    My box of DF X-Plus arrived an hour ago - they're still plastic backed. Strangely enough I think they're better quality than the Abri Form - the plastic seems thicker and it's defo more quiet too when making comparison to them. I've got one on right now

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