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Thread: Riots in Toronto

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    Default Riots in Toronto

    I have no idea what's going on. Just got word from my buddy in Toronto. There's a big mass riot going on in toronto RIGHT NOW.

    Dundas square is closed off. There's police blockades and shit. Been going on for about 4 hours or so.

    Apparently it started as a peacful protest against the G20 summit? (which is ongoing = bad news)
    Has something to do with an anarchist group called the Black Bloc? Never heard of them.

    Mayor David Miller says it's a group who deliberatly came to Toronto today to break stuff and cause chaos.

    Eaton Centre, Hospital Row, parts of subway system on lockdown.
    Spreading west. Cheek-to-cheek with riot police. 3-4 hundred police walking/riding south to head them off.
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    This happens at every major international political event. To be expected. That's why I'm avoiding Toronto until this is all over.

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    I'm watching the news now; apparently, the cops have started using tear gas. Makes me glad I'm not in Toronto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihlus View Post
    I'm watching the news now; apparently, the cops have started using tear gas. Makes me glad I'm not in Toronto.
    First time tear gas has ever been used in Toronto.

    UPDATE: Chief of Police says tear gas has NOT been used.

    UPDATE 2: Four hours later chief of police changes his mind and says that tear gas HAS been used, for the first time in Toronto ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Is it weird that I want to drive down there right now? O_o
    Part of human nature to want to see shit get destroyed. It's why end of the world movies are so popular.

    In a lull right now. Protests are mostly peaceful for now.
    Injuries: minor, not many.
    Damage: private and public properties vandalized, many windows smashed, shops broken into and looted on Young street, graffiti, and several police and media cars/vans destroyed.
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    No surprise, really. As Incomplete Dude said, every time there is a major conference anywhere the crazies come out. I am a little suprised that tear gas need3d to be used, but whatever works, I suppose.

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    In the past hour police have been a lot more active in restoring order, so good on them. They got protesters away from the G20 perimeter fence and started pushing back the crowds. Using the snatch squad tactic too, so it's cool to watch a small group of police jump out of the police line and run straight to someone, tackle them, and drag them back behind the police line.

    The mounted police are kinda cool, what with their horse armor and all...

    And just to fix something I said in the OP: Black bloc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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