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Thread: 2 types of cubs....

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    Default 2 types of cubs....

    It seems there are 2 types of type likes to cuddle, snuggle ,watch cartoons,play and be happy.....the other type likes to cuss, drink, do drugs and be rude and bratty..... how is that cubby at all? Just a rant here after seeing some things at ac and other places lately like certain chats on irc

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    Lol, I am a mixtuer of both ^^

    I think you can't really classify people in those two groups, but I am not as experienced with that, so you might be right.

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    there are nice people and then there are rude, snotty people that cuss and drink and that isnt cubby at all now is it ?

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    It depends on your definition of "cubby" because there are plenty of rude children in the real world. The difference between what you described is access to alcohol, that's the only difference between what you described and some children in the real world. Also, your two types are kind of black and white and could be considered the two "extremes," but there are plenty that fall on to middle ground between those two.

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    I tend to depends on what the person considers "childish". Some people want to relive their childhood, and if they were a bratty child, their babyfur persona would be bratty too. Other people consider themselves at an age where most kids display some sort of bratty behavior. And finally, some people are suckers for punishment and being dominated/teased by their caretakers/doms, in which case the bratty behavior would be a prelude to such punishment/humiliation.

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    I am a mix of the bratty and cuddly. Its because I am (IRL) ADHD. Big changes. Even worse throughout puberty. (I mean mood swings)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    one type likes to cuddle, snuggle ,watch cartoons,play and be happy
    That's the type I am ^.^

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    i love to be happy most of the time and watch cartoons and cuddling and stuff but Ive got to have my once a week drink and twice a month smoke but always with friends

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    I'm a mix of both as well. I drink, I cuddle, and I am bratty too. Then again, I am a little possum! *Hiss* I fit in a gray area. I am happy like this.

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    I'm more of a cuddlish type rather than a bratty and noisy type of person.

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