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Thread: new diapers

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    Default new diapers

    i went diaper shopping today. I got a bag of Assurence, a bag of Depends Re Fastenables, and some booster pads fore the diapers.

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    Well cut up the depends, now you have 2 packs of stuffers, thats all there good for.

    The assurance with a stuffer is actully way better than any depends, lately thats all I have been useing is the assurance, I know I'm cheap, but they work fairly well for the price.

    Well good luck have a good time, and don't buy depends anymore!

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    I thought you were going to inform us of a new kind of diaper. But anyways have fun.

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    Yay, diapers!

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    Oh... you bought new diapers. Congrats.

    I thought the thread was about a new diaper brand.

    Eh well...

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    Umm well that's very nice for you but um what was the point of making a thread just to tell us this?

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