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Thread: Wanting to learn more about the Furrie community.

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    Lightbulb Wanting to learn more about the Furrie community.

    So as you can already tell, I'm new. I'm a DL, and already know enough about it. I don't understand the furry community very well though. Could someone reply with a personal statement about what it's mainly about and how it relates to the DL community? I'm just curious. :P

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    The furry community is about people who enjoy anthropomorphic art and entertainment (i.e. Fantastic Mr. Fox, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc.). When it comes to AB/DL interests, there are furries known as babyfurs and diaperfurs who practice infantilism and wear diapers respectively. I fall under the diaperfurs category because I'm strictly a DL.

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    Welcome and good you are interesting to now about the furry things.

    How long have you bean i diaper lover?

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    Like *B/DL ism it really means a lotta different things to people, almost everyone will tell you their own reason why they identify themselves with the culture, so a precise definition is difficult to pin down. Really a decent loose definition is if you enjoy anthropomorphic (animals given human traits, like being able to speak or gesture like a person) or zoomorphic (humans given animal characteristics, like fangs, claws, fuzzy dog ears, tails etc) stuff, like stories, movies etc then you are a "furry" in some way. Technically anyone who enjoys classic Disney movies or most Saturday morning cartoons are at least a little into being a "furry" in some way.

    Some people just like hearing stories these creatures, but some also ascribe some of the features to themselves. Just like when you were little and pretended you were dogs or some wild animal and annoyed the crap out of your parents, some grownups do it too. Some can get as into it as making yourself a whole new persona (with the groan worthy "fursona" as the moniker, many furs like to construct portmanteau words using the word "fur" as often as possible) which they envision themselves as. This is usually due to people identifying with the traits and appearance of such an animal, at least in legend/tradition/fictional stories.

    Of course, there's far more to it than that. Some people get sexual gratification from it, many do not; some people dress up, many do not; some people collect paraphernalia that is connected to animals/pets like leashes and many do not. Some people, myself included, simply like the art and to play a bit of pretend in their minds. There's numerous sub-genres, including of course babyfurs and diaperfurs, which is an intersection of *B/DL ism and furry. I can tell you I simply like being represented as a bear because it very easily it's an easy caricaturization of my disposition and general physical structure. I find babyfur art in general mega cute because it combines the curiosity and innocence of a human child with the fuzzyness of a puppy or something. So long as I'm playing pretend anyway with all this AB/DL stuff, what's one more layer of fuzzy silliness on top?

    Additionally, just like *B/DLs, furries are (or at least have no reason not to be) normal people with other interests and hobbies. What are yours? I like to hike, play xbox games, talk to people, and goof around with my friends.
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    Hyas welcome to ADISC I hope you make lots of friends.

    Here at ADISC we are intresting in all things about you not just diapers how about you tell us about you hobbies and other intrest

    off topic: what kind of diaper is thatin your avatar just curious...

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    Furry is plainly an interest in anthromorphic things. It doesn't even necessarily mean you go to conventions, know other furs, or even really identify yourself as furry. That's the most general definition.

    Typically you will see people who are into particular aspects of the fandom, whether that be suiting, drawing, etc. If you check out places like FA ( you can get a reasonable idea. (do be a little careful there as sometimes people don't flag their things as mature but without a login you hopefully won't see anything particularly objectionable) I'm not the biggest fan of Wikifur as a source so I won't suggest you dig in there too much but some basic info is reasonable. Some of the articles there are a little too much biased/written by one person's view seemingly exclusively and it's too bad because I would like a site like we have for infantilism that really does a good job explaining a good overview of the topic matter to someone that's never heard of it.

    Welcome to Adisc.

    P.S. You didn't have to ask this in the introduction forum! Although babyfurs are just a subcommunity in the fandom, we still have many we know that aren't babyfurs and know a lot of general fur stuff anyway. So you could have posted it there.

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    [QUOTE=Iggy;407577]Furry is plainly an interest in anthromorphic things. It doesn't even necessarily mean you go to conventions, know other furs, or even really identify yourself as furry. That's the most general definition...

    Thanks for your time. I'm sure that I will spend a lot of time on this forum.

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