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Thread: Greetings from Squirrel!

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    Talking Greetings from Squirrel!

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm Squirrel, some of you might know me from the IRC chat that I've been lurking around for the past several weeks. I (and someone else *COUGH* Zephy *COUGH*) figured that an intro was long overdue, so here we go!

    Hello everyone! I'm Squirrel, I currently live in Arizona in the US, I'm 16 and attend a public school. My reasons for being here were originally forced upon me, but I have now accepted it and grown to like and have now found this community. I feel that this is a good community and the members who I have met are very nice and have been a huge reason I have decided to stay with this community.

    Due to a heart condition in which my heart does not properly circulate blood through my system I take several strong medications that have strengthened my heart, but they had a downside which was they affected part of my brain that caused my body to stop creating a hormone that was important to the nerves surrounding the bladder. That's the reason behind my incontinence for any of you who were wondering.

    My personal interests include many topics, including an open mind to many new things. I obviously have grown to become comfortable with wearing diapers and have found that I actually enjoy wearing them. I role-play a lot as a Baby Squirrel and was recently adopted by Zephy here on the forums. Computers and Gaming have been a interest to me for a long time, it first began when Harvest Moon came out I couldn't resist the cow so I got myself a Gamecube and have been hooked ever since, currently I play several games; World of Warcraft (80 Feral Druid), Modern Ware fare 2 on the Xbox 360, Mercenary's 2 for the Xbox 360, and Harvest Moon is still a favorite, as well as Pokemon!. My favorite movie has to be Alice in Wonderland; because Cheshire cat kicks ass. I also enjoy reading fantasy books, my favorite series is "Cirqué dú Freak" By: Darren Shan.
    If you would like to know my thoughts on a specific interest, please post below and I'll give you my thoughts on the topic.

    If your reading this, that means you have read my whole introduction!....Or you skipped to the bottom. However you got here, please give me feedback (constructive criticism only please) on this introduction so I can make it better.

    Thanks for Reading!
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    Zephys Lil' Squirrel

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    Hi Squirrel ^.^ Nice to meet you, awesome introduction! I too play WoW, level 80 Undead Warlock, For the Horde! XP

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    YAY! another person from Arizona the hell we call home welcome to ADISC I hope you enjoy being here and make lots of friends.

    also nice intro post its very informative.

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    Stop poking me D:

    Hehe, told you it was a good introduction, way better than most. I already talk to you a lot and don't know what to ask. >_>

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    Nice to see you made it to the forums. No pesky /me out here.

    Intro is super

    And Zephy, stop laughing at meh.

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    Hello, Squirrel. This is a very good introduction; it is informative, contains an appropriate level of detail, and is work safe. I was once a World of Warcraft player as well, however I realised that I had a gaming problem and when I lost my level 48 holy priest, I took the disappointment as incentive to quit. I haven't missed it at all. I don't really like movies, but when Alice in Wonderland is concerned, I prefer the game the most (the American McGee version). I have Xbox live as well, however I only have a Creator's Club account; no actual games. Anyway, it's nice to meet you. ^^

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    Often we suggest that people here try out the IRC. In this case, I guess you had to be directed to find the forums or at least find your way back. Hope you'll keep reading and posting

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    Welcome, my favorite animal is squirrels, so I was excited to see such a username. A very nice introduction and a good username, respect.

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    Welcome Squirrel! Ive seen you Hanging around the IRC and Zephy ^^

    Hope to see you around!


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