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    Default On learning disorders

    I saw this video,
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    and it got me thinking do you think that learning disorders, add, adhd, autism, and other learning disorders are overdiagnosed? Also please watch the video as it might change the way you think about it.

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    TED talks are awesome.

    The issue highlighted by the video isn't so much that developmental disorders are overdiagnosed so much as it was that they are often misdiagnosed because many uncommon, often treatable, disorders present with the same symptoms as common developmental disorders. Note that the lab was testing children who had very clear problems - this wasn't a story about children getting put on Adderall for dubious reasons.

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    Toughy, I'm only in my third year of my undergraduates in Social Psychology, I'd have to look into it more but seems to me their is either a lack of study or lack of understanding and/or training by the administrators who evaluate disorders.

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    Great video! I've often thought this about autism because there's no objective test for it - just a list of characteristics or traits. It's a completely subjective, abstract label that doesn't correspond to one specific thing in reality.

    I mean no disrespect to anyone who's autistic... but we really need to understand the brain better so we can improve broad diagnoses like "autism" and say exactly what is happening in the brain, why it's unusual, how it affects behaviour... and hopefully identify more suitable treatments based on individual needs.

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