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Thread: My first goodnite experience...

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    Default My first goodnite experience...

    Ok well I wore a goodnite for about 9 hours. Put it on once I got it and took it off for a couple minutes to do something then put them back on. Overall they fit me just fine. I wore them out with my family to dinner something I would have never done with any other diaper.

    Just so you know I didn't wet them I just liked it and what not.. I wore it around one of my friends and everything and I was completely relaxed. It works great, I used it for a long while then I needed to pee and decided to test it.... I was smart about it but it leaked down my leg. So I was like ah well too much liquid (i really had to go) so I got into the shower with it on and got curious about how it was made... I poked a hole and exposed it's stuffing... then I realized that it had a felt fabric cover over the actual print and that the print itself was platic. So I removed that on another goodnite and wore that and it fits amazingly well now. It's loser and comfier and feels really babyish! I'm really amazed by this! Overall I suggest people get some goodnites and see how they fit you might find these diapers really fun to mess around with and what not.

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    Wow, they leaked on you? Last pack I had was suprisingly... Shall I say "Drenchable" But anyway, congrats on the Goodnites.

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    I also had a similar experience in my goodnights last week. There are some of them that leak for whatever reason and some that are very good at catching and holding fluid.

    When you use goodnights you want to be standing up otherwise the fluid is going to follow your body not the pull-up and it will go into the sides that hold it onto you which are not absorbent as well as down the sides of your legs. I found that wetting slowly and making sure that I directed the urine to the central part of the goodnight made it far better at absorbing.

    Enough about how to use them though. I had a great time when i was wearing my goodnights last week. I went for a run about a mile and a half down my street after I lightly wet them. I got back to my house and wet them then I went outside and mowed the lawn on a riding tractor and that was simply amazing. My lawn is very hilly so there were plenty of bumps and it just felt soooooooo good. I work as a lifeguard so I have easy access to a dumpster/trash cans making it incredibly easy to dispose of diapers the next day. I hope that you find more fun things to do in yours!

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    A few tip for Goodnites: Don't wait till you "have to" go. Wet them slowly. After putting them on run you fingers through the leak guards to make sure the are standing up so they can do their job.

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    I love goodnites .... true they do not hold much for myself but like the little kid design and pullup feel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swimmingstud819 View Post
    I love goodnites .... true they do not hold much for myself but like the little kid design and pullup feel
    I love the designs. They are just amazing! They make me feel like a toddler! Gonna go pick some up later today.

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    I like wearing Goodnites when I drive. My commute is about 90 miles one way, so they come in handy sometimes.

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