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Thread: Most wtf dream ever!!

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    Default Most wtf dream ever!!

    Ok from what i can remember from my dream last night is, I was driving along and saw a convoy of cars going in the opposite direction and some how i knew they were furries so i hit the parking Brake in my car and did a 180 to followed them (lol extremely impossible in my truck), and where they where going was a old bowling ally that "Lis" (the furry that wrights broken plot device (human version)) bought. And they all wanted to help fix it up (and i said i wanted to help to). "Lis" started showing me around, and showed me a car that was in a barn (that she also bought) next to the bowling ally, and the it said on it that it was a GMC bronco (not a real car i checked) and she showed me her main car and some dudes car. I think there was more but i cant remember.

    Now all i got to say is WTF, it is the detailed dream i have ever had and one of the most random.

    ....... soooooooooo any one got anything weirder, or even thoughts on mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaashaHuzzah View Post
    O.o wow thats weird

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    Isnt a Bronco a real vehicle? Although its Ford, no? Also wild. I have weird dreams too. (Don't we all? not a surprise) But I never remember them. Well. I was going to remember last nights. I dont think well while music is playing. Not this loud. So I guess this post is actually useless because I forgot my dream I was remembering. Damn. Bronco. Ford. Real. No?

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    Getting off topic, but just to clear that up, the Bronco is indeed a real vehicle, although, like said, it's a Ford. I'm a mechanic, take it from me.

    Anyway, that's a kinda weird but cool dream.

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    If you think that was messed up I got one that is still in my head from three nights ago....

    I was at a High School and this tall white guy that stood about 7 feet tall would not leave me alone. I ended up pulling out a huge revolver and I aimed it at his gut. He took off like a bat out of hell to call the cops and I was running around the High School like a chicken with its head cut off. I ended up dumping the gun inside a bathroom trash can, and I came out and gave myself up to the cops. They arrested me and failed to read me my Miranda Rights, and I was laughing when they took me to the police station. Then inside my dream I thought to myself that this must be a dream, and then I woke up and it really was a dream LOL!

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    I had one a while ago that still creeps me out. I was at my bar one night, a weeknight, things were all normal. I was there with friends, having a few drinks before going home when suddenly in the middle of a conversation, the power goes out. We're all wondering what happened, when all the sudden, we all feel a vibration outside the bar. We all go to the brick-layered street the bar is on, across from where I work and see what is causing the vibrations; it's a giant, Chinese tank. Following that tank, was a troop transport and some foot soldiers who began to tell all those who were at the bars, to go home. That the shit was gonna hit the fan.

    This dream still creeps me out a few months later


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    Butterfly Mage


    I had an odd dream two nights ago. It was about a starship with a sentient AI that seemed despondent. The drew had been lost somehow. It showed me a vision of am accident that caused a bubble of space to collapse in on the ship. When the bubble dispersed and the space returned to normal, the crew was gone (and presumed destroyed). The AI had been without a crew for a long time. It had gotten into the habit of projecting holograms of people, but it didn't help much since the AI knew that the constructions were not real. The ship seemed sterile and lonely.

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    i had an argument with the characters of the land before time on what to watch on tv

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    either i never remember my dreams or they just make no sense what so ever. heres one i remember: i was at my friends house one night and i needed to use the bathroom. while im in the can my friends hits a light switch which turns off the walls in his house while im still in the bathroom. i was embarressed for 5 seconds, then i found myself climbing a mountain in the middle of my grandmas neighborhood, and i cant remember anything from there, but my dreams are always so trippy.

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