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Thread: Incon in popular Culture...

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    Default Incon in popular Culture...

    so just a spin off of the *bl/dlism in pop culture but instead this is incon.

    so ill start off with...

    (as mentioned before) in spy kids alexa vega's character (carmen) was a bedwetter

    (also) in the George Lopez show Max (george's son) wet the bed a couple of times (as part of a psa for the national kidney foundation)

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    In "As Told By Ginger" I forget his name but Ginger's brother's best friend wet the bed.

    And there's an "Arthur" episode where Jenna is hesitant to go to a sleep over at Muffy's how cuz she wets the bed and doesn't wanna wear a pull up.

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    Not that it's incon... or even diaper related... but Stephen King's book Gerald's Game has a number of wetting scenes in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby_Lizzie View Post
    In "As Told By Ginger" I forget his name but Ginger's brother's best friend wet the bed.

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    I can't believe no one has said Joe from Family Guy yet.

    Everybody loves Raymond mentioned bed wetting a couple times also.

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    In the movie "Unfaithful," the couple's 9-year-old son (played by the same kid who played the youngest brother on Malcolm in the Middle) wet his bed.

    Family Guy has numerous, numerous references to diapers, potty-training and fecal and urinary incontinence, including the fact that Joe wears adult diapers.

    On one of the first episodes of the show "Gilmore Girls," entitled "The Deer Hunters," Lorelai, the mom, explains to her daughter Rory's teacher that at age four Rory was so interested in attending Harvard University that she bought her a Harvard sweatshirt "which of course was way too big for her, so she used it as a blanket for awhile and then as a diaper on this really ill-fated shopping trip and now I've told you a story that would so humiliate her she'll kill me when she finds out you know."

    That's probably not the exact quote, but it's close.

    "Finding Nemo" has the " guys made me ink!" joke with Nemo's squid classmate when he gets scared.

    The little boy in Big Daddy wets his bed, and then the same day pees all over Adam Sandler while he's being carried around.

    In The Waterboy, also a Sandler film, Adam Sandler's character is revealed to be a bedwetter when the mom doesn't like the girl he's dating - she points to his urine-stained sheets hanging up on the clothesline.

    Anyway, that's all I can think of now, but I tend to remember these things so I'll post any more that I can think of.

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    I remember a girl from the anime Dr Slump and Arale that usually wet herself when scared by something

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    Rugrats?.....I think one of their epsiode talk about Chuckie and his bedwetting problem.

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    Well the Rugrats are like all 3 and under...So of course there are going to be some incontinence...

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    The Rugrats episode you might be thinking of was one where Chucky was being potty trained. Angelica keeps teasing him about being a baby. He sits on his potty for forever to try to go and can't, and then the second he stands up, of course he pees all over the floor. Eventually he figures it out and uses his potty. At that moment, Angelica starts yelling from her bedroom - she's wet her bed.

    Sorry that's not more detailed, but it's been at least 10 years since I've seen that episode.

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