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Thread: My first diaper run in probably 3 months and I fit into goodnites!

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    Default My first diaper run in probably 3 months and I fit into goodnites!

    So I went on vacation for like a month (I was pretty much using my phone to post everywhere) so when I get my butt back I realize I have little diapers left icon_cry.gif and while I was on vacation I wanted diapers like non stop!

    I needed to check up on my mommies apartment (my fiancee is away so I need to make sure everything is in order), so I decided to take my luggage filled with text books that I won't bee needing and putting it on her bookshelf which has space. So before I do that I go to my corner store they know me and my mom and stuff it's been there a long while. So they stock TENA slips..... those things with the tapes and everything a real adult diaper. I love those and I buy them for my AB side and for being in diapers for hours on end. So I put them in the trunk of my dads car (my car is on the fritz) and then go to K-mart. Keep in mind I'm looking rather distinctive wearing some goth shots from Hot Topic with a black world of warcraft shirt. So I go to K-mart to find Goodnites because I heard I can fit in them and they will give me motivation to lose my weight. So I get some depends and goodnites. I was looking for the goodnites near the depends then I realized.... BABYSECTION! So I go to the baby diaper section and find my goodnites with the moterbike prints. Anyways then I go and get some depends. All in all two packs of diapers so I go and pay for them and I'm holding them and it's a pretty long line.

    I realize like after I pay and everything that I was wearing WoW t-shirt and buying diapers..... People must have been all like "Crazy kid and his WoW obsession to busy playing that game to use the toilet" I just cracked up and if anyone asked would use that excuse from now one. "Why diapers?" "WoW demands all my attention!"

    So I stop by my mommies place and put the goodnites in the bag and once inside I strip down and try them one.... to my surprise they fit me! 36" inch waist 5'10" 210LBS. XD I was like HOLY CRAP! These where the XL ones and I just loved the prints on them... I feel very toddlerish. So I go put it on and to the book thing. The reason why I took the luggage was to smuggle the diapers into my house. I put the reast of the pack of diapers inside the luggage and took it into my room and put them in my closet. All While still wearing my goodnites. I put it on about 3 hours ago and it still feels comfy and hasn't ripped. I drove in them.... cleaned in them.... did some lifting and overall I think Goodnites are my new favorite diapers! At least for now! XD

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