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Thread: My name might be zack

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    Default My name might be zack

    Making an intro thread because I guess I'm a lurker.

    I'm 20 years old.
    I'm gay.
    I live in Ohio.
    I'm a competitve dance game player.
    I prefer briefs, but occassionally I like to wear diapers.
    I like to post in forums. a lot.
    I go to Ohio University, studying MIS (IT) and Management.

    That's probably good.

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    Hello Zack, nice to another from Ohio, the state of... of... ummm soybean fields. Oh wait, we have the Blue Jackets, thats something. What area of IT are you into? I myself am a networker, but would like to get into the programming side of things as well.

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    I'm more into system analysis. Together with my management degree, I plan on being a Business Analyst, going into companies and figuring out ways to improve their systems or totally creating a new one from scratch.

    I'd like to to learn programming, but I'll probably do more of that in my spare time. I've taken some programming classes - the material interested me but the professors not so much (and neither the way the material was presented).

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