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Thread: Motorbike Mechanics

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    So, any motorbike mechanics or motorbike electrical guys out there want to help me diagnose and sort my bike? could be an electrical issue, but im not sure.

    ill check back here first before posting more info, or you can pm me!

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    All alleged symptoms?
    That said, unless its generic, most lightly No!

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    Yes, tell more. It might be possible to diagnose it from this distance.

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    ok. here goes. get yer reading glasses on!

    2004 Model Kymco Cruiser 125.

    Mods: fitted Laser Outlaw slash cut open pipe approx 1 year ago. As according to documentation, no re jetting required.

    Bike ran fine, on way home from work one night, parked in garage as usual.

    next day, change oil, same thickness and brand.

    change spark plug from NGK CR8E to NGK Iridium CR8EIX.

    start bike, allow 5 mins to heat up. get on, take for ride.

    notice heavy stuttering at approx 1/4 revs. assume ignition coil/cdi is broken, as has same symptoms as when either was broken before.

    bike wont go above approx 20 mph. changing up a gear fixes stutter for a moment, untill returning to throttle. same stutter at approx 1/4 turn.

    take bike back to my garage. phone bike parts company, order 1x ignition coil + ht lead + plug cap thats exactly the same as is on bike, 1x Gel filled maintainence free battery.

    fit both parts, battery fully charged, same stutter. pull plug, notice end is dry black (carbon fouled). buy NGK CR8E plug, fit to bike. same stutter.

    order new regulator/rectifier, and a new cdi, fit both, same stutter. drain petrol tank, check fuel lines/filter for blockages, remove carb.

    clean carb as per internet guide for dummies, carb jets all look nice and clean prior to cleaning, give it a go anyway. refit carb, same stutter.

    assume problem is electrical, so begin hunt for loose earth (ground) find none. however have noticed neutral light doesnt work, change bulb for a known working one, still not working.

    I still think that there is a loose wire somewhere, but as it has been in garage for approx 8 weeks, has cost 3 tanks of petrol now, am open to ideas. if ive forgotten anything, ill add it later!
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    Check spark plug cap for proper contact with wire? (should be screw on to wire) seems like you disturbed something when changing plug and ign. is breaking down under load.

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    hmm good thought. maybe if i chop a bit off the end and try screwing on again?

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    It may sound dumb but i did had a similar problem and it ended up being the cable that connects the battery to the fuse .. it was breaking and making partial contact with the fuse .... i would check it there ...
    if its the same then bike works fine while in idle and starts failing when it reaches some certain rpm's
    i dont have the same bike but most bikes share similar problems ....

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    Spark Plug or the cable... my best guess too... also I am not familiar with your bike.

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