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Thread: I am Zapdos Smithh

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    Default I am Zapdos Smithh

    I am 18 years old. I been a DB for a very long time. I have not told anyone about my secret nor do i plan do. I do my diaper doings in secret. Never been caught. But i had a really close call of spilling my guts few years back.

    My Non DB doings are Video gaming. Got an Xbox,PS3,Wii

    This seems like a great community.

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    Hello, Zapdos Smithh, and welcome to ADISC.
    I would have to agree with you in calling this a great community, personally.
    Hope you meet people you can talk to and enjoy being a part of it!

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    BTW My name is not really Zapdos Smithh i got that from an Internet show...

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    Well, my real name isn't Axel, either. And I kind of figured.

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    I got the name from a show called Friday Night Cranks. Its a show on stickam where a guy named Jared prank calls various places. Funny as hell.

    The name comes from when Jared called up xbox tech support and used the name Zapdos Smithh.

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