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Thread: How can you gather courage.

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    Default How can you gather courage.

    Ok i really need soem advice ideas on actually going to the store i know you all say its not that big of a deal but i cannot leave the house let alone touch the door knob to actually go buy them. I never left the house without my mom knowing where i went. they leave me at the house alone often but all these thought in my head like what if they get back to the house before i get back IDK WAT TO DO HERE!!

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    Ask them how long they will be out, or ask where they are going. If they're going quite a ways further from your house than the store, make sure you allocate time in case they do get back. And if they ask where you want to go, say you're going to a friend's house or something.

    MY parents sometime go for a bike ride, and I know it'll take them an hour or so before they get back.
    So I wait until they leave, wait a little bit (like 5 minutes more) then I head on out, since I know the store is only a short walk from my house. I get back in plenty of time.

    Wait a few times, I guess; if there's a common errand they do that you know will take them some time or something then jump at the opportunity.

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    Not sure how strict things are at your place but I think all you need is a good reason to leave the house. I would say you are going over to a friend's place for a few hours then actually go to your friends place. Take a backpack. Then you leave your friends place a bit earlier than necessary to get back on time and pick up some diapers on the way home. This way you have something truthful to tell your parents when you get back and if they decide to check up on you they will probably find you in the place you said you would be.

    The only difficult part is walking into the store, picking the right size off the shelf, paying and slipping them into your backpack on the way out. You will probably be nervous as hell and paranoid but the end result is worth it.

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    Do what I do, wait til 2:30AM sneak out of your house, walk 2.3 miles to a Wal-Mart, and buy some, then walk back. It's worth it when you really want diapers lol. Or just say your going to a frends house or for a walk. Buy them, then hide them in a forest, a ditch, somewhere where no one would look, then just wait for the perfect moment and get them. Good luck getting some

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    Last time I went, I went right near closing time and there was no one else in the store. Try something like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lp68164 View Post
    Last time I went, I went right near closing time and there was no one else in the store. Try something like that?
    This is usually a good idea. Even better is usually right as they open, the less people shopping there, the less awkward it feels.

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    I made it a habit to keep tabs on my parents general locations when I started delving into this. It works out very well in two ways; a. You get a general window of privacy blocked out in advance. b. Your parents can interpret it as affection and it can make your relationship with them stronger. Now i don't want anyone to think I am a terrible person because I said that because i do in fact love my family. It's just that being a DL falls into the category of "too much information" or "need to know" and I think they would appreciate me keeping it to myself.

    As for going to the store there are a number of threads out there where people post the same good advice time after time. Here are some of the points that they have made.

    1. Bring a backpack. It makes it easy to navigate the streets after the purchase especially if you are doing it for the first time. I think we all know how scary and unnerving that can be if paranoia sets in.

    2. Have a plan. Know when you have a window to buy them and where you are going to keep them at home once you have them.

    3. Make sure your plan considers the fact that things go wrong. I'm not suggesting that you have a plan for every different event as that would be FAR too obsessive but just a general idea of what you are going to do if people are home or you run into a nosy friend.

    ( People often use the excuse that diapers are for a prank. Sometimes it may be worth it to include a nosy friend in this prank using a small amount of what you purchased in order to send them running off in another direction. If you don't include your friend in the prank you may need a cover for how it "went down". )

    4. Be confident. If you are getting nervous then you can appear to be distracted by a cell phone conversation and make it look like you are picking up the diapers as a "chore". ( I personally have done this a number of times when browsing the diaper isle and it has worked every time. )

    5. Make sure you have your wallet with you and that you will have enough money. I don't think there could be a bigger letdown than going on such an escapade only to discover you left you money in your other pants.

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    You know I totally agree with "newDL". MAKE A PLAN. The first time I ever went out, I took the bus to a Wal-Mart in a part of town where I knew nobody, I took them to a "self-checkout". (You know, some stores have those machines where you do it yourself?) And then rammed them in my back-pack with a receipt and bussed home. -- Option two, if you get stuck, I /always/ take them to the electronics, jewelry, or sporting goods cashier that still sells stuff but nobody is there. And just force yourself to go out there and do it. Trust me, once it's done it will be /WELL WORTH IT/. You're going to have to face your fears one day or another. So why not pick right now to BE A MAN.

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    I DID IT. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP I was so nerovous i ran home after i bought them the only problem is i was in a rush and bought the goodnites boxers but atleast i will start to get used to buying them. I heed them in my old windows 98 IBM computer .

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    Lol, I made this epic post, and then you did it. Heh, oh well...


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