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Thread: Exercise in a Diaper

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    Lightbulb Exercise in a Diaper

    i just did a work out on a tredmil in a diaper and i found that i sweated a lot more than normal.
    do you think that people, who exercise in a diaper, sweat more; thus getting a better work out; thus loosing more weight (girl wise)?

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    You would sweat more since of all that trapped heat thus loosing weight from sweating but loosing water weight isn't really loosing weight. You would just get it all back as soon as you drink more water. Burning fat is the key!

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    Sweating more doesn't mean loosing more weight. Sure, the weighing machine will tell you that you lost weight after you exercised, and maybe even more if you did so while wearing your diaper, but you just lost water. Which means you will get those kilograms back very quickly.

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    If you find you're swaeting more than normal be sure to drink more during and afterwards! I had a nasty incident just two days ago where I fainted from dehydrating and got taken to hospital in an ambulance! (Massive overreaction, really!) But yeh, if you're sweating more you're losing more fluid so more likely to become dehydrated, especially with all the hot weather here! So just be careful!

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    you probably wouldn't lose any additional weight besides some water weight which will just be gained back as stated above, one thing to be careful of is if you are moving around a lot and getting damp with sweat is avoiding chafing and perhaps a rash not fun just remember hard work and sticking to it will help lose weight, good luck and keep hydrated.

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    I use the treadmill and bikes two or three times a week and find that if I use the kind of diaper that has the breathable sides and the velcro type tabs rather than the plastic backs I don't overheat as quickly.

    I buy them from Wallgreens, and they are not the best, but I use them as "workout diapers" only. I just keep a few of them in the gym bag and change into one on in the stall before going out.

    Also, like some folks have said, drink a lot of water.

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    Using them to sweat more also sounds like a waist. (See what I did there? haha. ..........awww......)
    You're basically just filling up the diaper with disgusting sweat, when you could be filling it up with disgusting urine.

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    I remember going running during my final exam weeks at school diapered. It wasn't bad though I agree that you will sweat a bit more and you may have chafing.

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