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    I feel there 4 ways we start into diapers.
    1 we are potty trained to soon Did not have time to grow out of them.

    2 we have some one that needs care be it disabled or a baby sister or brother and miss the care they are getting now and want to try there diapers.

    3 we wet the bed or pants and forced to wear diapers as a way to get us to stop or to be good.
    In some ways we can be given diapers to cope with wetting in a good way with love kindness.
    When we are kids.

    4 a friend had to wear diapers for wetting and they were fine with it and we wanted to try one and it felt good when we did try one on.

    Can you think of more or witch one started you.


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    I think for some of us (myself for sure), we're not sure how it started.
    I really can't recall my interest starting or why....
    I only remember one incident when I was like 9 or so. Prior to that...nothing.

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    I think there is more at work here, for instance coupled with those possibilities (I was a bed wetter) are others. For instance intense sexual reactions to particularly sights, sounds and smells. I had a particular fascination with them at a very early age, oddly enough at about the same age I began noticing I was not like other boys my age, and wondered why I wasn't a girl. The mind (which in my final month of med school we are studying) is fantastic in its complexity, the slightest change in how it processes sugar, or the temperature of the body can have deep effect on emotion, motor function, eye movement, temperature regulation, et. al.

    Why is it I have ended up with gender dysphoria, my other brothers didn't? How come some women are attracted to other female pheromones when wemen are not supposed to be able to pick them up. Just all fascinating, and I realized I sound like a complete dork.

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    It's called a fetish if you ask me. Some of us get a sexual rush when we wear them. For me, I know it's that.

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    I spent a lot of years looking into this by reading story,s and books . Why me what was I missing . By posting i hope for other,s to help them under stand they are ok who they are . Fox

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    for me it was being forced into potty training at around age 2 or 2 1/2 and i wasn't ready to stop wearing diapers yet and had no interest in potty training.
    but i was forced into it any way.

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    I think I'm actually the opposite of #1. I was potty trained a bit late. Or..tried anyway. I wasn't "potty trained" until I was almost four and a half, but still having quite a few accidents.. but that was due to a certain medical condition, not failed potty training. The feeling stuck though. Ever since I've gotten out of diapers..I wanted back in them.

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    This list rather blatantly misses sexual fetishism, and heck, DLs are more prominent on ADISC than ABs based on our various polling. That alone disproves this theory.

    Trying to generalize a wide spectrum for which there is little to no hard data into a few specific categories is an exercise in futility. It is a wide spectrum specifically because it is very hard to delineate highly specific categories.

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    I wanted to wear diapers for as long as I can remember. I also recall being a late potty trainer. I wonder if I was let to grow out of diapers on my own time instead of being potty trained if I would have ever wanted to stop wearing diapers. My brother is 2 years younger than I am and I remember how my parents had to keep his diapers locked up because I kept stealing them and getting caught (I wasn't very sly at that age). So I guess I don't fit into any of those categories either. I think I was born with it

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