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    Hi ADISC I'm a college student diaper loverjust looking for some friends to chat with. Diapers aside, I enjoy drawing, playing the bagpipes, having fun outdoors (hiking, running, ect.), reading, capoeira, and gennerally having fun. Peace and Love guys.


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    Oh gosh...perfect timing. What are the shoes/boots called that go with a kilt? I'm looking for a pair of them and didn't know what to search for.

    By the way, welcome!

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    Depends on the uniform, I wear kilt hose with spats, you might be looking for ghillie shoes.

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    I'll look both of those up. He just wants something that will look nice with a kilt. Thank you!

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    The real question is, do your roommates enjoy you "playing the bagpipes?" hehe welcome to adisc!

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    yay bagpipes, used to have a student up at my college that played them at night it was nice to hear them, sadly they graduated and all we hear is the RA;s breaking up the parties lol. anyway welcome noleafclover hope you enjoy your stay

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    Welcome. You'll have to share with us a tune on your bagpipes. Diapers must be pretty cool with Kilts.

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    Bagpipes? Your name is a Metallica reference. Explain.

    And welcome ^_^


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    I like Metallica and have more Irish heritage than Scottish, plus I wanted a name that would'nt scare people away.

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