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Thread: The ONE diaper you would reccomend?

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    Default The ONE diaper you would reccomend?

    Okay... this is to compliment Pojo's thread.

    What do you think the best diaper on the market today is? If you had to pick one, and only one, what would it be... and why?

    Also... for the sake of others... please post a link to the place where your reccomended brand can be purchased.

    For me... I'm gonna have to go with the Secure X-plus. (

    I have several reasons.
    1: Excellent absorbency. Close to Abri X-plus.
    2: Very comfortable.
    3: Infinitely readjustable tapes.
    4: A good value at $1.34 per diaper if you order a case.
    5: Thick enough to be fun without being super noticable.

    What can I say... I really like these. They are a good compromise diaper. Super absorbant without being super thick... you can readjust the tapes many many times for that perfect fit. You can even snug the diaper up hours later when it is really wet and starting to sag. The price may seem a bit steep... but if you consider that they hold twice as much as something like Attends or Tenas which sell for closer to $1 a piece you see it is a good value. I tried these a while ago when they first hit the market. I've shopped around and tried other brands since then... but I keep coming back for various reasons. The Secure X-plus is one of the all around best brands available.

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    I used up a case and a half of those suecureX+, and they are great diapers, if you add a stuffer they last for hours without leaking.

    I only have a few left I save them for special occasions when I want to keep the diaper on for an extended period of time.

    Got some moleacare form a member here but haven't tried them yet, I'm looking foreward to it.

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    Thief! *Spazzes*...I would say...Secure xplus too...I tried Secure pluses and I liked them...So I'm assuming (which I probably shouldn't) that xpluses are better

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    Nice... nice...

    Where did you get the regular secures at?

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    I got to go with Abena Abri- X-plus from XP Medical. It costs me like maybe 15 cents more then Darkfinn due to California's sales tax which is only for people living in CA (XP Medical is based in the LA area) So I got added on like 4.11 cents for sales tax.)

    I Guess I might try Darkfinn's choice next time.

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    Hmmm, my all time faves? that would be the Abri X-plus i think, though i did also love the original banded 3 tape attends special cares....


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    Deffinitely Molicare Super Plus(

    I like these for several reasons:

    1. A great value if you order them by the case ($1.34 each)
    2. Excellant absorbancy
    3. Pretty comfortable
    4. Color (purple)

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    I actually just ordered a package of Secure X Pluses yesterday night, they shipped this afternoon, so I'm psyched. Darkfinn, why wouldn't you say your favorite is the 24 Hour diapers that you got, the "holy grail of absorbancy"? :P

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    Tranquility ATNs

    1) Absorbant
    2) Comfortable
    3) Good value ($0.83 if you buy a case of mediums)

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