So on the 18th my mouse I had used for 8 years finally broke and I am using a backup of the mouse I had used so... time for a real one.

A lot of people kept saying to get the Logitech G500 and is on sale right now for $35 after rebate and $5 off

The steelseries Ikari Black in reviews say is better than the G500 for button placements. It looks neat but I have not felt what it feels like since it is not in the store and is at $54.99 right now.

Which one or is there something better available for under $60?

The other thing I need to find is a mouse pad to go with the new mouse.

I am looking at the RAZER Sphex Gaming Grade Desktop Skin but I don't know if it sucks or not. A DOLICA Midnight Edge comes with the Ikari if I got that one.

Total size: 29.5" x 12"
Free space: 8" x 12"

The G15 is too huge to get a regular one, so are the desktop skins/thin cloth pads decent or is there something else?

Yes that is what I have used to play games. Fear my thumbball mouse.