So I don't know how many of you follow tennis or the world cup but John Isner and Nicholas Mahut have played an over 7 hours long fifth set that now stands tied still at 59-59. It has broken all open era records for longevity in a match and I saw the scoreboard and literally flipped. The scoreboard won't even countup games anymore. (who limited the number of bits so only 47-47 could be displayed? hahahah) The match will now go into it's 3rd day tomorrow and that's simply one of the craziest things I've seen until I remember the awesome moment for the us in the world cup match earlier. If you didn't see that, I'm sure you will see it many times. Just some crazy and great moments. Any other moments in sport like this you remember that are on par with this kinda stuff?

I was explaining to someone why I watch such a varied amount of sport and this is exactly the reason for the moments that bring out emotion and the moments that defy logic.