now that I've got your attention...

I'm experimenting with opensim, wich is the open source version of what secondlife runs on their servers.
I have created my own metaverse that is basicly what secondlife is, but without the money (economy), and basicly everything ever designed in secondlife.

I was thinking of maybe using this server for *bdl's and (baby?)furs who want to hang out in a secondlife enviroment, but specially designed for their interests.

The only problem is...
I need objects, loads and loads of objects.
The world exists, but nothing is in it yet. an *bdl metaverse without diapers, plushies and sleepers would be silly and boring, so I need help from people who know how to build these things in secondlife.
If by any chance there are people who know a lot about opensim, please let me know! I could use a hand in tweaking the server for optimal performance.

if you're interested in helping out, download hippoviewer (the opensim viewer just like the secondlife application) and pm me for instructions on how to get to the server.