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Thread: Commissions for Art, all kinds!

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    Default Commissions for Art, all kinds!

    Hey everybody, I have a wonderful offer for you.
    My good friend Karen is trying to raise money for an animeCON coming up, and are taking commissions for drawings of your request.

    1) Keep it PG13 at most. No sex.
    2) Karen -will- draw *B/DL related drawings, and you can trust her to "keep your secret", in case you were wondering about keeping your secrecy of having this fetish.
    3) And with that, no spanking/BDSM/etc, no pedophilia, anything along those lines is NOT allowed. I know most of you wouldn't want the pedophilia and have the smarts to not request something like these, but I need to make sure these rules are clear.
    4) Also with that, it doesn't have to be *B/DL. It can be your persona, fursona, whatever.
    4) Furries, humans, elves whatever. Any creature is fine.
    5) Fanart is allowed, but no mixing in *B/DL related content in the fanart.

    The prices for commissions are as follows:
    Chibi cellshaded; 6$

    Portrait/Bust [cellshaded]; 6$
    Portrait/Bust [soft shaded]; 8$

    Waist Up lineart; 6$
    Waist Up [cellshaded];9$
    Waist Up [softshaded]; 12$

    Full body sketch; 10$ [+2 per extra char]
    Full body lineart; 13$ [+3$ per extra char]
    Full body celshaded; 15$ [with simple background; 17$ +5 per extra char]
    Full body softshaded; 18$ [with simple background; 20$ +8 per extra char]

    If you have questions, comments, or want to commission, contact either Karen at freya0694 at deviantART or myself.
    If you don't have a deviantART and don't want to make one, contact me via PM for Karen's other contact information.

    Here are some examples of her art. An example of her coloured work, chibi drawings, and a couple of sketches that were drawn on a website called tegaki, where the drawings are done in a pixel-like fashion that of Microsoft Paint. The drawings will be done in a program called Paint Tool SAI, which is a program like Photoshop, but better. I'm sorry I don't have many examples to show, including furries, but she doesn't have much to show that's on her computer.

    Karens Art pictures by OuranMember - Photobucket

    The album should be open to view by anyone. If there's a problem, make a post letting me know and I'll fix it.

    Thanks everyone for listening, and I hope some of you are interested. She is a wonderful artist and, in my opinion, needs a little more recognition.

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    Damn me for being broke :\

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