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    See my good friend Zephiel is trying to pressure me to make my 3000th post the best post ever compared to his rainbow colored web showing how amazing he is. For real I have done so many of these threads for myself and I feel now that it is time to contribute back and say thanks to all the people that have helped me along the way to get here. I am now in the 3000 club along 8 other members here on this site (Pojo, Peachy, Fire2Box, dogboy, Lukie. Martin, Starshine, and Charlie F). I think most of the people here don't want me to get personal and shine about here as I quietly take my check for getting to 3000 posts, a bottle of champagne, a half blown ballon, and the memories that I took along with me along the almost 2 years I have been here. The post is good enough.

    Thanks again


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    Default <--- The post in question (Feel free to ask me stuff in it still. I'm still willing to answer them. Also, there are spoiler tags at the bottom of the post. Open it to see the entire post in black text, for those who can't read certain colours on certain backgrounds)

    I am thoroughly disappoint. Yes, disappoint.

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    Only you would advertise your own 1000th post here. You have had your fun here and now it is my time to shine here.

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    You have 3,000 posts, most of which are copypasta in the greeting forum.

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    Gaasha true but still. The fact though is that I was knocked out from 2980 posts back to 2885 posts due to the Confessions thread and I had to make even more posts to get to 3000.

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