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Thread: Gonna buy my babygirl a special toy?

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    Default Gonna buy my babygirl a special toy?

    Any suggestions? She tells me the likes stuffed animal but she has many.. but that's it ,she really doesn't like anything else... she didn't have many toys as a child and I"d like to get her something special so what kind of toys can I get my babygirl? Keep in mind she doesn't like barbies.

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    If she doesn't like barbies, but likes animals and that sort of thing, I'd go for something my little pony-esque, or maybe a fairy princess wand ( gah, do they even make these things anymore?) Maybe a nice plushie with a dress on it.

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    If it needs to be babyish but fun and a plushie, you could consider an activity plushie, with mirrors, squeaky bits, rattles, crinkley bits and textures. But there's so much other equally as cool stuff you could go for too.

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    Does she dislike all dolls, or just Barbie dolls ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Does she dislike all dolls, or just Barbie dolls ?
    just barbies...but she considers me her baby doll. XD.

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    Get her some clothing. Like a cute shirt or a cute accessory.

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    get one of those big bouncing balls. its a fun toy for everyone girls boys and pets or you could always get one of those plush pillow things that look like animals there kind of new so she probably does not have one.

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    Although you want to lean away from a stuffed animal have you given her one? Girls love to snuggle with stuffed animals and each one that has been gifted to her probably holds a special place in her heart. If you get her a cute carebear or something like that then she will always have something physical to associate with you when you aren't around. If you haven't given her an animal yet then consider one that also matches your traits. Something you can relate to.

    If you have already left your mark in her bed collection then consider maybe some sleeper clothes like a cute pajama set. Does she sleep with a nightlight? How about a movie she doesn't own? A book?

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    Hm... I has to be babyish item for when she's little... and I've given her many many plushies... more then half are ones I've given her... I'm considering getting her something else.... I don't know what tough.... I was thinking of bringing her along to Toys R Us and letting her chose something that caught her eye..... Cu I've gotten her around 15 plushies. XD So I'm tired of that...

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