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Thread: Tena Super leaking through plastic backing?

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    Default Tena Super leaking through plastic backing?

    It's my first time trying Tena Super in ages.

    Only after 1 wetting, it started leaking a little when I sat down. Weirdly, urine seems to be leaking through the plastic backing and not the leg openings. It's like pee is being squeezed out through the plastic backing.

    Is this common for Tena Super diapers?
    I was under the impression that they were above average diapers.

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    Can't say I've ever had that problem. If it was just one diaper it may have been a tiny perforation in the plastic backing. If it was multiple diapers it must just be a manufacturer's fault.

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    I have never come across that problem either. Maybe you have a faulty batch?

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    I have had that problem happen with a Bambino before, I think you might just have a small hole or weak spot in the plastic. If it can happen to a Bambino, I'm sure it can happen to a Tena.

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    At one time I was cussing Abena's X-Pluses for leaking through tiny pinholes in the crotch area. It turned out I didn't notice the cat crossing my lap and or napping there and pokeing tiny holes with her claws. Now I keep the cat off my lap and no more issues.

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    Sometimes the SAP particles in the diaper are rough/sharp and when it is compressed for packaging small holes are poked in the backing causing the leaks. I have found this on quite a few random diaper brands.

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    Are you sure there was no holes in the back, because the only time I've had urine leak through my Tena's is when i cut holes in it to double diaper

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    I've had slight leak problems with moisture getting through the plastic on Slip Super and Plus (tho Plus aren't the most absorbent on the market :P). What happened to me was that I peed too quickly and too much - caffeine and water don't mix lol. They never used to leak before tho! Idk if you've got a bad batch or whether Tena are skimping on SAP or plastic quality?


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    i myself use the tena maxi-flex at times and never had a leak out the legs or the covering and i can wet them multiple times as they hold allot of peeing.

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    I've seen this happen before on some Tenas, only a very slight amount leaked through the plastic... I hope it's not a systematic quality issue.

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