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    Have you ever been harassed by someone online for long periods of time? What have you done to reduce or stop the harassment?

    Without diving into too many details, there's someone I know personally who has literally made it their life's mission to discredit me on the Internet. I admit it. I'm one of those guys that -- once in a while -- types his name on Google to see what comes up. About five to six months ago, I realized this guy wrote about me on several popular sites on the Alexa site rankings system, and the comments were so profane and accusatory that I had to respond to him and counter his libel. Fortunately, a lot of his comments were removable either due to a sympathetic site staff or the site had the ability to report abusive comments.

    It's one thing to look at something about you on 4chan -- and think, "Oh, he's anonymous, whatever" -- and it's another to see someone you know posting things about you in an attempt to destroy your reputation. Since he's started his "crusade," I've had a harder time finding work because employers have looked me up on Google and found these comments.

    It's crazy.

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    yes, all the time. It seems when I am not being harassed online, I am being harassed offline, to my face or behind my back.
    I am used to it, and am a magnet for this kind of treatment because I seem to always breaking some hidden social rule, that is caused or made more complicated by my disabilities, and the fact that most treat people like me different

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    I recall a certain recent thread where we argued for pages as to whether or not cyber-bullying was as problematic as "regular bullying". If only you'd posted this anecdote there, maybe, maybe....maybe, I wouldn't have had to argue hypothetical cases with Mako for 2 days.

    The problem is that if someone dedicates themselves to making your life difficult on the internet, they can, at the very least, make you waste a significant amount of your time and energy to undo or work around the problems that they cause. If they're at all dedicated, they can cause you problems in ways such that simply ignoring the problem comes with its own even greater set of costs or sacrifices.

    What is this person's rationale for making your life difficult?

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    You can always report them to their ISP, and I'm pretty sure this doens't apply since you aren't a politician, but I don't believe slanderous speech is allowed like that, so his ISP may just laugh at you, or they may see that he is infact destroying your reputation and send him a pretty hand-signed note...Maybe. I say just go up to him (you said you know him personally) and ensure he never has kids-- watch out for cameras and witnesses!

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    I have never had this happen. I have been harassed on IM however because this guy was obsessed with me and wouldn't leave me alone and he get abusive. Whenever I block him, he IM me under a different screen name. I would try and reason with him but he say I was being mean to him. I started to leave messages for him in my profile to embarrass him so he leave me alone. I have all his screen names listed in my profile so that when anyone checked my AIM profile, they see his screen names. I even started to be mean to him so he leave me alone and not want to talk to me. Then I just kept blocking him whenever he IM me when the other steps didn't work. Then he eventually gave up and stopped. Now it's occasionally. I could have gotten a new screen name but then I would have to start all over and I didn't want to list my new screen name online where he could see it. He could be browsing on AB/DL forums or Bravenet and I wouldn't even know it.

    I am thinking about using my new email address if I ever apply for other jobs in the future in case they want to do a google search so that they don' t find me on these forums. I don't know if I ever have been googled by employers or not. If I remembered how to stop me from being goegleable, I would go to Control Panel and do it. My ex showed me how but I don't remember anymore. But you have to be on that computer only when you do your business, not use other computers or you will end up in google for every forum you go to you are registered on.
    I have always been open and had nothing to hide but seriously, if people wish to google me to see what they can use against me and judge me for or even misjudge me, I am forced to use this method.

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    To be honest i would probably go find him IRL and kick his ass if this happened and I'm not really the violent type. Obviously that won't help you too much and just gives him another angle to attack you from.

    If the reason employers are denying you employment is just a few comments he has made on Google related sites that seems to be an issue with their process tbh and you can't do much about that. I can only suggest you get a new Email for work related things and make sure social networking sites like facebook don't portray you in a negative light. (They actually do check them)

    As an aside I remember in my final year of high school there was an anti cyber bullying policy put into effect so there may be some legal ground that I am not aware of.

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