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Thread: so little known about Eiré

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    Default so little known about Eiré

    ok so this has started to anoy me. Neerly Everytime I talk to people not from Ireland I heard stupid things about Ireland that are oviously not true but thay realy think its true and I have herd things like:

    Are there realy leprocons in Ireland (thay are made up fs)

    Wow ur can u speak English so well (yeh that been spoken in Ireland for the past few HUNDERED YEARS!!!!)

    And one person thought Ireland was fully apart of England (some people would of hit him for saying that

    So what I want to ask is why is so little known about Ireland to people not from Ireland...we learn about u =(

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    I haven't made any of those assumptions (except for the first one when I was a little kid).

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    I grew up in a town that was mostly Irish, I can't believe there are people that stupid about Ireland.

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    I know it anoying + the one who thought Ireland was fully apart of England was a teacher

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    Being I'm 99.99% Irish, and my father's parents came from Ireland in 1956, I can honestly say it does annoy me when people say Ireland was part of England, and how Leprechaun is an Irish word for midget -.-

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    haha sorry mm3 but that's what everyone from the US says "ehh yeh my dads parent's sisters uncals dog was half irish" sorry just a bit of Irish humor there

    No offence man but half of America has Irish blood in them.but yeh ur right some people are just idiots

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    haha, this is true. But still, I still got my closer Irish roots. Most other people who have Irish roots usually had ancestors come over here in like, 1830 or something like that.

    Least I'm more... recent..

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    yeh ok I give u that mm

    W8 in fact could u tell me do u learn about Irish history in school? We have a entire chapter on the American revolution

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    I don't learn about Ireland... I don't learn about the American revolution... Damn my school sucks...

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    Well, I understand the Irish love their whiskey (I don't think this is made up, Bailey's rocks ).

    Also, that you love potatoes (I'm with you on that one).

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