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Thread: Never buying third party again.

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    Default Never buying third party again.

    so last Wednesday (my birthday) i got 200$ so i decided to buy an itouch because i haven't had one since mine got stolen sophomore year (I'm not a senior). so for some reason i decided to shop on amazon instead of shopping at the apple store. i picked a second gen with OS 3.1 in 'like-new' condition.

    it was supposed to ship Thursday or Friday but it still is being prepped. so after a few hours talking to customer service i found out that i bought from a third party seller who has no fucking idea how to use amazon.

    seeing that she didn't even ship it yet i sent her three emails telling her to cancel my order and after no response i just removed my credit card from my amazon account. so sometime this week i am going to the apple store like i should have to start with. (the money i payed went right back into my account since it was a third party seller).

    what do you people feel about third party sellers?

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    Some of the third party sellers on Amazon seem a bit shady. It sucks because they get some creditability from the website that they don't deserve. I look up asinine postings like old, ancient computer parts that cost thousands when they should be given the bargain bin treatment. Some of those deals seem decent from third parties, but I'm always hesitant buying from them. Amazon's own Warehouse Dealz (clearance/overstock/returns) seems a bit more reputable when looking for a steal of a price.
    Sorry you got nearly scammed there Dyn, at least you got your money back and can go to the Apple store now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    Sorry you got nearly scammed there Dyn, at least you got your money back and can go to the Apple store now.
    i almost got scammed on craigslist too. this guy put up a listing for an xbox 360 and modern warfare 2 for 30$. i sent him an email asking him to hold it for me until i got the money and when i did he said he wanted 260 for it. i was like "wtf?"

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    You better keep an eye on your credit card they may just try to charge you, go to the site and see if anything was charged to your account, so you can start the charge back now.

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    I too don't like third party sellers. When I buy something online, it takes me forever because I try to research it as much as possible. I have found that the cheapest or near cheapest deals are not always worth it. I have just started using Amazon a little more but am very careful. When looking for something, I check to see if Amazon is one of the shipping sites. This way I feel safer knowing that Amazon should at least have the product in one of the many warehouses they use. When it comes to really expensive items like you are wanting to buy, I try my best to buy locally or have it shipped to the local stores that way I have a place to return it if there is a problem.

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    I've bought a few things from third party sellers on Amazon. Didn't have any troubles, though the sellers were quite well rated.

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    I will not buy from a third party seller unless they have a excellent reputation, and the item I'm considering is under 100 dollars.
    That being said I've never had a problem with using a third party.

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    I'm willing to buy from any 3rd-party seller with a significant number of positive feedback. This is true whether the source be Amazon, Ebay, or anywhere else.

    I've had occasional problems with receiving and incorrect or broken product, but only one, involving an Ebay seller who had several hundred positive feedback, where I wasn't able to resolve the problem and get reimbursed for return shipping if need be just by emailing the seller. (In that one case, the seller wouldn't respond so I complained to Ebay and was reimbursed).

    If you're buying from a third-party seller with tens of thousands of feedback, you're almost certainly buying from a business and you'll get fairly prompt shipping and customer service. If you're buying from someone with a few hundred positive feedback, you're generally buying from a single person who can err but will deal in good faith should there be a problem; you shouldn't buy something that for which it is absolutely imperative that it arrive promptly and correctly the first time from such a seller.

    Ultimately, if the price is better, I don't care that it's not coming from Amazon itself so long as I can be confident that the seller will get me the product in a reasonable time frame.

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    No chance. I'm skeptical enough of on-line transactions as it is. There are a few things, like decent cloth diapers and plastic pants, where onl-line is the only option. No way I'd buy 3rd party, especially for a used piece of gear. I have to look it over in person first.

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    I have bought from other sellers on Amazon, but only bought used textbooks for school. I have always picked sellers with really good feedback, and I have not had any problems.

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